RAS Keywords

Dear TC members,

We have been asked to review the list of RAS keywords. We would like your help in proposing changes to this list. This is an important task because these keywords are used when choosing editors and reviewers of your papers when submitted to RAS conferences (e.g., ICRA, IROS). Many of you have experienced the frustration of having to pick keywords that don't quite match up with your research, leading to reviewers that are not comfortable judging the content of your paper. Now is the time to speak up!

As a starting point for this discussion, let me make the following suggestions for keywords related to our TC:
- Manipulation Planning and Control
- Motion and Path Planning
- Motion Control
- Multi-Robot Coordination
- Nonholonomic Motion Planning
- Planning and Control under Uncertainty
- Collision Avoidance

Any and all suggestions are welcome!

For your reference, the current list of keywords is given here: http://www.ieee-ras.org/ceb/areas.html. Our suggestions above correspond to the following changes:
- Add "Planning and Control under Uncertainty" and "Multi-Robot Coordination"
- Rename "Motion Control of Manipulators" -> "Motion Control", "Manipulation Planning" -> "Manipulation Planning and Control"

Your friendly TC Co-Chairs

P.S. This might also be opportunity to make suggestions outside of our area, particularly regarding keywords that are not directly related to a TC area. Doing so might help eliminate redundancy and improve the longevity of keywords. For example, some possibilities may include:
- Change “Direct/Inverse Dynamics Formulation” to “Dynamics”
- Merge “Domestic Robotics” and “Service Robotics” and “Personal Robotics”
- Merge “Flexible Arms” and “Compliant Joint/Mechanism” and “Soft Material Robotics”
- Merge “Space Exploration Rover” and “Space Robotics”
- Merge “Autonomous Agents” and “Autonomous Navigation”
- Eliminate “Omnidirectional vision” (why aren't "Stereo vision" and “Laser sensors” categories)
- Clarify “Recognition”
(When making such recommendations, keep in mind that they should largely be non-controversial.)

Comment 1 (by Kris Hauser)

Nancy Amato shared with me the list of IROS 2012 keywords in this area, sorted from most to least frequently chosen as the first keyword.

- Motion and Path Planning
- Motion Control
- Collision Avoidance
- Path Planning for Multiple Mobile Robots or Agents
- Planning, Scheduling and Coordination
- Manipulation Planning
- Path Planning for Manipulators
- Mobile Manipulation
- Reactive and Sensor-Based Planning
- Nonholonomic Motion Planning

Thanks Nancy!

Specific items for comment:

- Is there support for / opposition to changing "Path Planning for Multiple Mobile Robots or Agents" to "Multi-Robot Coordination"?

- Control of the "Mobile manipulation" keyword should be taken by the TC on mobile manipulation.

- It looks like we overlooked "Planning, Scheduling, and Coordination", which should be added to the list.

- What would be the best keyword to denote the integration of sensing/planning/control? (a similar question was raised by Howie Choset via email.) Some possible options include:
* Reactive and Sensor-Based Planning (existing)
* Planning under uncertainty
* Feedback-based planning


Comment 2 (by Hadas Kress-Gazit)

Dear all,

Last year we added "formal methods for robotics" as a keyword to both ICRA and IROS. Since there are several TC members interested in this topic, I suggest this keyword remains on the list.