High school student, Kensen Shi, won the National Siemens Competition for his motion planning project at Texas A&M

Major accomplishment for high-school student, Kensen Shi, who was awarded a $100K scholarship after winning the National Siemens Competition.

The award was based on Kensen's work at Prof. Nancy Amato's research group at Texas A&M University during the summer of 2012. Kensen was co-mentored by Jory Denny, a PhD student at Texas A&M, and worked on the idea of Lazy Toggle PRM, an extension of Jory's work on Toggle PRM. Jory himself has received in the past a finalist mention in the CRA undergraduate research award.

You can find more information regarding Kensen and his accomplishment in the following newspaper article:

The Eagle article: "Teen awarded $100K science scholarship"